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Advertising on radio

Planning and buying advertising space on radio is time-saving, as the campaign can be planned a week in advance if the client has a ready-made spot to deploy on air. When planning a campaign, as with other media types, it is important to set the timing of the campaign, choose either a radio network or a specific radio station, the regional targeting (the whole country or the relevant region), the duration of the spot and the target group to be targeted. The price of radio advertising is defined by the price for 1 spot of 30 seconds.

The radio network in the Czech market is very strong, divided into public and commercial. In addition to the public stations, individual radios are represented by so-called sales-houses (media agencies) for the purpose of selling their advertising space. In addition to the radios represented by sales-houses, regional and local radio stations, such as Color Music Rádio, Hey Rádio, Rádio Otava, Rádio Proglas, Hlas Prahy, etc., also broadcast. The Czech market is home to several media advertising companies, among the largest of which are Radio United Services and Radiohouse, which sell advertising space to both national and regional radio stations. The only public network of stations belongs to Českému rozhlasu. The listenership of radio stations is measured by the so-called Radio Project listenership survey.

Radio network Czech Radio

  • Nationwide coverage - Radiožurnál, Radiožurnál Sport, Dvojka, Vltava, ČRo Plus, Radio Wave, Radio Junior, D-dur, Jazz
  • Regional coverage - Brno, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Olomouc, Ostrava, Pardubice, Plzeň, Radio DAB Praha, Region, Sever, Vysočina, Zlín

Radio network represented by Radio United Services (owner of Media Club)

  • Nationwide coverage - Evropa 2, Frekvence 1, Radio Impuls
  • Regional coverage - Evropa 2, Frekvence 1, Radio Impuls Dance Radio, , Radio Country, Radio Beat, Radio SPIN, Rock Zone, Signal Radio, Radio Kiss, Radio 1, Český Impuls, Dechovka, Radio Bonton

Radio network represented by Radiohouse

  • Nationwide - Radio Blaník, Hitradio
  • Regional coverage - Radio Blaník, Hitrádio, Fajn Radio, Classic Prague, ExpressFM, Free Radio, Haná, Helax online, Jih, Jihlava, Krokodýl, Radio Čas, Radio Čas Rock, Radio Kroměříž, Relax, Rock radio

The advantage of an advertising campaign on radio is the narrow targeting of the target group, either by selecting regional advertising or the interest focus of the target group (Rock Radio, Dechovka, etc.). Another advantage is the low prices, it is also possible to achieve a high frequency of target group reach, so radio advertising is suitable for building brand/product awareness. Radio advertising works effectively as a complementary communication channel to other media types (e.g. TV + radio advertising, internet + radio advertising, etc.). Last but not least, it is a huge advantage that all stations have adapted to digitalisation and therefore any station can be listened to via the internet. Perhaps the only disadvantage of advertising on radio is that you always need to use multiple stations to make the advertising effective.


Radio advertising formats:

Radio spot - spots are broadcast between time slots. They can vary in length (10 - 60 seconds). The basic price is always calculated for a 30-second spot, i.e. shorter than 30 seconds costs less and longer than 30 seconds costs more)

Jingle - jingle, post

Sponsor of the programme, broadcast - sponsor message is placed with the selected programme and the client is thus associated with both the programme and the radio station

Listener contests - the client supplies prizes for the contest, which listeners then compete for. The contest makes the product a natural part of the broadcast content. Another advantage of competitions is that the presenters can introduce the product/brand and explain its benefits in a non-violent way

Media concepts:

GRP (Gross Rating Point) - this unit is used to measure the listenership of radio stations by the buying target group; for radio advertising, the buying target group is Everyone 12+.

TRP (Target Rating Point) - this unit measures the listenability of a specific target group. As with the GRP, 1 TRP = reaching 1% of a specific target group, e.g. the size of the target group Women 20-49 years is 3,500,000, i.e. 1 TRP in this target group means reaching 35,000 women 20-49 years

Footage - this unit reflects the length of the spot

Daypart (time band) - radio stations have set time bands that are differentiated by price. The prime time slot is 06:00 - 09:00, which, like TV, is the most efficient but also the most expensive. The other time zones are 9-12, 12-15, 15-18, 18-20, 20-22, 22-06

Net Reach - is the percentage of the target audience reached at least once during the campaign, i.e. for example, a Net Reach of 50% means that 50% of the target audience heard the spot aired at least once during the entire campaign

Affinity (Target Affinity Index/suitability) - an index that describes the suitability of a selected time zone for a specific target group and is the ratio between GRP and TRP (TRP/GRP = affinity)

Sociodemographics - radio advertising can be targeted by age, gender, education, place of residence, size of residence, household income, etc. 

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